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Corwin L. Moore

Corwin L. Moore, an Emmy nominated comedy writer was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Corwin, being the youngest of five, quickly realized comedy was his passion and his best way to get attention. Corwin started in the industry as a child actor. He started performing in high school and within a year had a manager, agent and a significant part in the hip hop classic "Juice".  His continued work as an actor has included various movies and many television shows.  


Comedy has always been Corwin's first love. Corwin pursued stand up comedy with great success, joining the Uptown Comedy Club in Harlem, New York after a very short time.  He has performed all over the world. The constant evolution persisted with Corwin being added to Saturday Night Live as a writer. His first season ended with an Emmy nomination for the writing staff. 


Always moving forward but never forgetting to give back, Corwin has taken time to teach creative writing and poetry at Bethune-Cookman University in Florida. 

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