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Phonebooth smirk



Emmy nominated writer/comedian Corwin Moore brings you Brothers on The Phone.  If Saturday Night Live and Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out had a baby, it would not be this show, and a really ugly baby.  Brothers on The Phone is a fast-paced hybrid sketch comedy show with only one major theme, the whole show is centered around the funny, crazy, and real things we all share on the phone.  


Every day on this planet, billions of people are on their phones, and those conversations are inspiring, informative, and just downright silly.  So, let’s see those bizarre and funny conversations on the phone.  Every show will start and end the same way, on the phone.  But during the back and forth, we can cut away to the “silliness” of the conversation.   So if someone on the phone says, “A homemade sex-tape ruined my relationship!”  Then we cut to that ruined sex-tape. 


This show is definitely for the sketch variety show crowd.  Anyone that can get into Saturday Night Live, Wildin’ Out, Broad City, can definitely enjoy this show.  This show is a perfect fit for the web or 30-minute episodic television format.  The hook is simple here; everyone is on the phone, so let’s see it.   

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